Frases para no caer en depresion

Frases para no caer en depresion

short depression phrases

However, we are aware that depression exists as a disease and it is definitely one that is very cruel to its victims. The WHO says on its page on the subject of Depression, that this is a disease that affects more than 264 million people worldwide, imagine that!
One of the main problems with depression is that it is not very easy to diagnose and in some countries, especially in Latin America, the health systems are not the most efficient possible.
«If you are depressed and anxious, the main thing I want to tell you is: your pain makes sense. It makes sense. You are not a machine with broken parts. You are a human being with unmet needs. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are crazy or broken. You deserve love and practical support.» – Johann Hari
«While pain is a physical experience, suffering is a mental experience. It is the sense that things should be different than they are. Its antidote is acceptance.» – Wu Hsin

sad phrases

We can get sad because we’ve had an argument with a friend, broken up with our partner, or a good friend of ours has moved away. We may feel disappointed because we did poorly on a test or discouraged because our team is not getting out of its losing streak of one game after another. The death of a loved one can generate a specific type of grief: bereavement.
But depression is more than feeling sad, down, low or down in the dumps occasionally. Depression is an intense mood that involves sadness, despair or hopelessness and lasts for weeks, months or even longer.
Depression not only affects a person’s mood. It also affects his or her thoughts. It interferes with the ability to perceive and enjoy the good things in life. Depression reduces the energy, motivation and concentration a person needs for the usual activities of life.
Depressed people may not realize that they are depressed. Because self-criticism is part of depression, some people may mistakenly believe themselves to be failures, poor students, quick to throw in the towel, lazy, losers, bad people.

encouraging phrases for a friend

In the Latino community we still don’t talk about depression openly. But we are working hard to change and learn to talk about depression in an appropriate way. You can’t help someone with depression in a meaningful way without first talking about it in a positive way. That’s why it’s so important to have the courage to find what to say.
There is no perfect way to respond when someone talks to you about something like depression. Just by listening without judgment, you can help them feel understood and supported. There are also simple things you can say to let them know you care and want to help them.
Why? Because it can make the person feel guilty, ashamed, or like their feelings don’t matter. There doesn’t have to be a specific reason, that’s not how depression works.

depression dating

Being surrounded by people is not synonymous with feeling surrounded. In fact, you may feel more lonely than alone, simply because you have no one to talk to openly or confide your secrets to.
Riches are of little use if you have no one to share them with. This phrase perfectly expresses the frustration of those who feel lonely, because no matter how fortunate they may seem, deep down they have no one to lean on.
This phrase indicates that making a mistake does not make you a failure. Falling is human, but learning from mistakes is wise. So don’t give up in the face of obstacles, maybe now everything seems impossible but you can overcome the darkness and become the best version of yourself again. These positive phrases to lift your spirits every day will help you in the worst moments.

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