Poemas de depresion por amor

Poemas de depresion por amor

Short and sad heartbreak poems

In the distance I see the exit but I don’t have the strength to walk. I want to run towards that exit, I make an effort, but my existential effort is in vain and I see further and further away that light that represents my freedom, my balance, my peace of mind.
I am aware of the suffering of those around me, of those I love, of those who love me and that suffering produces in me a feeling of guilt, which rejoices in thrusting its dagger into my tired and beating heart. I do not want them to suffer for me. I do not want to be the cause of their sadness.

Deep love poems

You were the best, the best, the prettiest, the prettiest; but now only the memory remains: the talks, the friends, the parties, the dances, the loves, the kisses, the places, and thousands of photos.    Many memories that can never be forgotten.  Depression
Sadness, to cry, and cry, to feel bad, so bad, and give up, and give up, with no desire to turn the page, or to move on.    But that’s life and we must go on.    And it’s not that it doesn’t hurt me, it hurts me a lot, her departure, but I know very well that up there in heaven, she will be very well.Someone sad like me.
Gray thoughts, gray ideas, gray words, a gray speech, gray skin, gray clothes, gray eyes, gray hair, and a lot of gray blood, with its light and dark, but always very gray.

Short sad poems

In order to talk about depression for love, we must first understand the concept of love. By love we mean a strong emotional inclination towards a person or, in a broader sense, towards a group of people or objects. Love gives rise to emotional responses that increase a person’s motivation to seek a partner with the aim of perpetuating the species. Love can be understood as a triangle with three vertices:
Overcoming depression due to love becomes a complicated task for many people who seek psychological help. The feeling of emptiness, low mood, constant rumination on the loss and even suicidal ideation are sometimes symptoms associated with an affective loss.
The brain is the organ where the chemical reactions associated with love occur. The love response is associated with both certain neurotransmitters and reward systems in the central nervous system:
We have already seen how love relationships alter our brain biochemistry but in addition in couple relationships strong attachment bonds are usually generated that make it very difficult to continue when that attachment figure has been lost. We lose an important source of security to which we can return when we need to feel understood and which provides us with security, protection and strength.

Sad love poems

Being surrounded by people is not synonymous with feeling surrounded. In fact, you may feel more lonely than alone, just because you have no one to talk to openly or to confide your secrets.
Riches are of little use if you have no one to share them with. This phrase perfectly expresses the frustration of those who feel lonely, because no matter how fortunate they may seem, deep down they have no one to lean on.
This phrase indicates that making a mistake does not make you a failure. Falling is human, but learning from mistakes is wise. So don’t give up in the face of obstacles, maybe now everything seems impossible but you can overcome the darkness and become the best version of yourself again. These positive phrases to lift your spirits every day will help you in the worst moments.

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